Just in case you dont’ know what a doodle does all day long when my mom is gone I can tell you now.

AS soon as mom leaves I sneak up on the couch and snuggle way into the corner Yep doodlely yea ahhhhh it feels great to have that couch all to myself. Then after awhile I go upstairs and check out to see if Dad has left any paper around that I can might possible chew up .

Yep ohohoh I forgot to tell you on Sunday when I saw Mosby his human had some treats with him so yep  I still got it I was able to sneak into his pocket with him almost ALMOST not noticing me???  Hmmmmmm How can anyone not notice me ???? Yea I am Super Doodle ‘WIlSON checkin out pockets .

Ha Ha Ha  Then in the afternoon when Dad comes home I get to go outside and check the gate to see if Mocha can play or if just by chance doodley chance that gate isn’t closed all the way so I can push it with my nose Ahhhh HA nah  Doodles Darn ! ! ! !

Then you want to know what the bestest part of my day is  when my HUMANS come home and I can get pets, and maybe  a morsel of food, well you gotta remember I haven’t eaten in so long that I can possibly starve   heee Heeee  just kidding !

This morning I got a GIANT Doodle Belly RUB from MOM ahhhhh Thanks Mom, She just smiles when I roll over and get that belly rub, ahhhh MOM thanks

Well gotta plan out my exciting day for today do you know what/???/ No   ONE  NO ONE has been walking down our street and my buddies have not been outside so when I wooof Wooof WOOOOF there is no one answering  come on kids  lets have a bark FEST Tonight ok if its too cold how about on SATURDAY ????

Miss my pups



lets Woof Tonight

lets Woof Tonight


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