Good Morning

Well helllooooooooooooooooooooo kiddos

Tell me please what is so good about a below zero kinda of a day, oh yea  I know I can just lay on this coach all day long   OH yea  All Day Long Laying around feeling like a king ALLL day LONG !!!!  ! !

IT”S a POLAR VORTEX DAY Come on everybody do the dance to the Polar Vortex Chill, wag your tail  shake your buttt and find your place on the coach, OH wait heee heee we have to finish our dance first.  It’s a Polar Vortex DAy  come on  COME ONE Stomp your paws and shake  and shake your little furry butt, It’s a Polar Vortex Day, Stomp, Stomp, Stomp  and don’t forget to smile !! ! ! Fluff your tail shake it all about that is the Polar Vortex Chill DANCE !

Yesterday I got mom to take me one more time to the park yea it was great my friend DAnte was there he is a retriever and we ran and played and bumped chests it was AWESOME<  sorta glad mom is working today so I the BIG  GUY  can just relax, it is a lot of work when mom is home ! !

Well must get going and get my dance on !! Stay WARM  and I was wondering if anyone knows how much it would take to convince MOM to  . . . .  give me Belly RUB  ha ha ha not long at all

Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee for now

Love ya


Polar Vortex DAY

Polar Vortex DAY


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