Good Morning

OH OH   something is wrong ! ! ! Yea  MOM is going to work this morning ! ! What is up with that  last week she had so many  sooooooo many days off I just thought that she was on vacation again ! Gheeeeezzzzzz !  Oh well what’s a doodle to do ???

ON Friday Mom came home and said let’s go well I thought for sure we were going shopping because I am out of some of my bones that I like to chew up but, NOOOOOooo

we went for a walk ahhhhhhh and I was the only one walking which is a shame because I was in the mood for a few extra’s  “OH MY what a beautiful dog”  AHMEN  well its’ very good that no one was out saying that because Seriously people now a days just need to know what a doodle is so I think I will be making leaflets and passing them out ! HA HAHAHAH

On Saturday  MOm and I went to the park and it was DOODLE DAY AT THE PARK Yea  two other doods were there and I KNEW who they were we had played before ahhhhh Doodle heaven we ran and chased and I didn’t even fluffy paw them at all !!  nah not to anohter doodle!

Ooo[ps gotta go have a great doodly day and I will talk to you all later on  Yea you know Mondays are just hard on me the Wonderful Doodlerful Doodle BUG

Love ya


resting up from the weekend

resting up from the weekend


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