Wooof Wooooof

Good Morning  Good Morning Are you freezing today/???> Good Morning!  Good Morning I am happy as can be !!  I am a Happy Doodle  Happy Doodle  I am  a HAPPY DOODLE I will be Doodling all day long !  Doodling All Day long!  !   I will be Doodling all day LONGGGG BECAUSE  MOM IS HOME AGAIN !! YEA

Well hello  yep that was me last night woofin away in the night  ! ! ! Well, you just get to the point where u have to Woof and Woof to see if that Polar Vertex guy is listening to you and to check to make sure your friends are A-OKAY ! !   See I can go outside for a little bit thats all but MOM was busy doing stuff yea  “STUFF” so I just wanted to VOICE MY OPINION that is all   I haven’t seen my “PUPS” yep  NO ONE IS WOOOFIN at me so I am a little doodly worried that something is wrong??

So I just did my Doodle Supervisory best and Woofed, nothing But MOM telling me to come in and you know what she can get me in very easily she just says TREAT and I come gallopping in, I am actually trying to dig a tunnel through the snow to get t my neighbors and I started behind our pine tree but . . .  Mom watches me and then calls me in ! SIGHHHHHH ! ! !

Mom is off again today but  she said we can play hide and seek again !  HUMPH HHHHH!!!! Not sure if I want to play I would rather go out in the snow and gallopp around do you know that mom saw a video of anohter Doodle sledding down a hill and GUESS WHAT she wants me to go sledding????

Yea but Dad says he thinks the only way I would go would be if MOM went down in a sled tooo YEP dad is right so I think MOM is going to go in the attic in the garage and look for a sled  PAWS crossed that she doesn’t find one !! Really MOM   , come on I can sled I haven;’t tried it but . . . . . It could be doodly fun !

WEll I guess I had better get moving along with mornin and keep mom on top of  things today because she just might get some doodleitis and decide to clean OH MY DOODLES can’t have that now Doodly can we !

Love Willy Babe

Polar Vertex GO AWAY so my friends can PLAY

Polar Vertex GO AWAY so my friends can PLAY


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