So it’s cold outside  oh baby it’s  cold outside ! ! ! ! ! ! Doodly doo Doodley doo baby oh baby I gotta keep warm oh yea  OH Yea gotta keep warm, how do you ask, well,  MOM does not have to work today  she see works with kids and its cold for them so MOM GETS TO BE HOME WITH ME   ! !

Boy oh Boy is she lucky to have me here at home to keep her cozy and warm ahhh nothing like keeping my human warm !!

Guess what though on Saturday MOM took me to the park and I knew something was up because Mom kept smilin at me and said guess what???!!! we will be going somewhere special today OK mom but WHEN!!! she made pasta sauce and all kinds of things then we went out in the backyard and Mocha came by for a little bit, come one this isnt what she had in mind is it???? Geeeehz mom I hope not, then all of a sudden we went inside and mom got her snowpants on and all kinds of gear and it wasn’t even that cold out side !

So we go in the car and mom is talkin away to me and I just smile then all of a sudden we pull down this road  YIPPPPEEEE Doodley Deeeee we are at the Park mom and ME !

And all kinds of pups are there onSaturday Retrievers and who do I see???? My doodle eyes can’t believe what I see MOSBY  My wonderful  Great DAne Friend I think he was ignoring me but  I went up to him and he gave me the BRUSH off MoSYB it’s me Wilson remember??? whinnnn whinnnnn MOsbyyyy! it’s okay there were other pups around,

And then MOsby stopped and greeted me We bumped CHests and I tried to  Fluffy tail him but he is just so big ! ! ! !! He is like a horse  but bigger ! ! ! !  So we played we barked at each other oh doodles it was great  I got slimed ahhhhh LOVE IT  !!

Mosby is my buddy he is the guy I see on my walks with MOM but since it’s been cold we haven’t seen each other .  But I had fun I ran and ran  went away from Mom on a different path oh it was so Doodle WARM  Not going to say cool beause it’s cool out side very cold out !

Then at night time Bell came over to play just a little we took our little buddy Maisy out for a bit too  I was so happy that mom had my pals over that I went up to her twice just to say “THANKS MOM”  The kids only stayed for a bit because it was gettin a little cold and Maisy was picking up her paws and Bell, well she was being a little stinker .

ANd yesterday Mom kept watching me outside MOM  I know it is cold out and I have fur on so I think I can stay out just a little longer than normal  . But yesterday morning well, I just wanted to go and visit a friend Mocha see on Saturday she came over to my house andMOM was suppose to close the gate and I think she did

until Sunday morning when I went over there ha ha ha  and Mrs G called Mom and asked her if she was missing me?  Me I wasn’t missing I knew exactly where I was  I wanted to Play sure it was 7:00 but why can’t I play so early in the morning, Well, MOm called me home Gruymph Whinnnnnn Whinnnnnn Really If MOM and DAD can go and be with BIG HUMANS why c an’t I  JUST NOT DOODLEY FAIR< Well mom is making sure that gate is closed.

This morning she watched me to make sure I didn’t go over  but she closed that gate , and made sure it was locked thanks MOM  because I would not want to be stuck outside today Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr it’s even cold for me !

Stay warm doodle kids   and maybe today we get extra treats !1 Well why not  you can’t walk us and we play ball and we need extra goodies too !! !

Love ya


When oh When will it warm up

When oh When will it warm up


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