Merry Christmas

I wish you a Merry Christmas  I wish you a Merry Christmas   I wish you a Merry Christmas and  a wonderful Doodle year !!!!!

I am practicing for my singing tonight with my Mom’s family Yes  we all sing the 12 days of Christmas and it seems every year  I get to do my part  heeee heeee

Last night  I had a fantadoodle surprise  Mom had all the gang over for a party  and yep  I did try to sneak in a just a little bit of a a drink but Mrs. G stopped me shucks !! ! !

At first I was  wondering what the doodles was going on ! Mom was busy in the kitchen My human brother was making a fire   mom kept telling me to go by the  pine trees  oh what a sight it was the most wonderful doodle night ! !  !  We got a little cold, my paws were starting to get  a little cold brrrrrrrr doodles so the party ended and the humans went to Maisy’s house and I could not GO  HUMPH   HUMPH  (oooops Santa Doodle I am not mad so please come okay ????)  you would think just once I could go with all of the humans too !!

And do you know what else  Bell went into my house ! Yea I was standing outside and all of a sudden she snuck inside what the doodles was that all about, oh yea  she just wanted to see where I hang !

Oooo It’s Christmas  Eve Christmas  Oh Yea it’s Christmas eve   Santa Doodle is coming to town Santa Doodle is cominggggg to town !! He has seen me when I was good He  has seen me when I was sort of naught but  he loves me just the same !

SOOOO Santa Doodle Santa Doodle  OOOO Santa Doodle please  please leave me a squeeky toy that is all I  ask for !! heY!!

So now I have to rest just a little bit and get ready for our day !

Soo doodle pals have a wonderful  Beautiful day with you humans and get those hugs !!

Love Willy

OH Santa Doodle can't wait to see you

OH Santa Doodle can’t wait to see you


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