Wooof Woof

Mom says I have to apologize to my neighbors this morning   😦

Well I had no choice  Dad’s paper wasn’t here yet and I know how he likes to read that paper right away so when MOM put me outside the second time this morning   (yes  sometimes I have to go out twice because the first time I just go to check out the snow )

anyway I woofed a lot this morning so do my wonderful neighbors  Woof Wooof Woof

La La La La Fa Fa Fa   FA F A FA  La La Lala la la la

That is my song  Oooo Mom was decorating the tree last night and Bob my human brother tried to put lights on me Gheeeeez ! ! ! !  I said NO of course  I got a little scared and backed away but I am okay  really I am .

OOO  Naughty doodle yesterday nah  and I am going back into my doodle brains to see if I have been naughty at all  OOOOPSSSSS  I almost forgot yea  I had one day in the summer, and I started to dig a hole by the bushes  Well, it was just so that I could stay cool thats ALL really ! ! ! !

So, Santa Doodle see really I  have been good Santa Doodle forget about how I would go in my garden  just to smell the flowers    Santa Doodle I really Really am I good Boy!

Doodle Dooodle  Dood Dood Dood  Doood Dood Dooo Doodle Doodle Doodle  all day long !

Heeeeeeee  I just love playing around, ooo mom tried to put a elf hat on me yesterday too, she didn’t put it away yet so I have to be very careful just to make sure she doesn’t try again, I think I will hid it  Yep  Come on thats not a naughty thing to do that is A DoodleThing to do

Merrryyyyyyyy Doodlles

Love Willy

Santa Doodle see I am good

Santa Doodle see I am good



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