On the first day of Christmas mom gave to me  One Large bone (but only had it for a while)

On the second day of Christmas Mom gave to me  a new squeezy toy, (Yep I pulled that one apart in no time at all)

Heeeee Okay I have to add one more bad thing to my Santa list, last night I went upstairs into Mom and Dad’s room and took some Kleenex  ,  Santa Doodle I really REALLY will try harder  but,  Doodles it is so hard sometimes. I think Mom has an answer to all my problems if it’s not too doodly cold out tonight she is going to call up some friends to come on OVER ! Oh  OH  Doodle Bells Doodle Bells How I love doodle Bells,

Last night we got our tree and I got to proudly sniff all the trees that we were looking at and I choosed the ONE ! Yea and Now we have  a TREE. OOO Doodle Tree OOO Doodle tree how pretty our your branches, now if MOM Could ONLY PUT SOME PRESENTS UNDER THEM> OOO Doodle Tree OOO Doodle TREEE  I Can’t wait for SANTA DOODLE>

WE got some more snow this morning but MOM is saying that I have to take my Doodle Christmas picture tonight oh yea   OH YEA  I can hardly wait to put that SANTA HAT ON ! ! !

Okay I wil be good while trying to on BUT NO PROMISIN !

So today will be the Third Day hmmmmmm I wonder what mom will give me today????

I bet a huge  HUGE HUG !

Have a great day today Doodle buddies.

Love ya


Getting ready for the BIG DOODLE TO COME

Getting ready for the BIG DOODLE TO COME


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