hi shhhhhh

OOooo doodle bells  doodle bells Doodling all day long  Oh what fun it is to find the treats that are hidden all around !

Oh you know I am so excited about Christmas being just around the corner, hmmmmmm I Know it’s getting close because Mom is getting all kinds of stuff organized and I see her smiling oh so happy mom is, Hmmmmmmm

I did try to look yesterday for some of my stuff but I think she hid it so well that I might not be able to find anything  I will keep looking !

Oooo do you know what????  Mom has been trying to brush and comb me  I think I just look doodly fine but I guess she has to do what she has to do, so what I do is say MOM  I have to go outside but. . . . she is just not falling for any of that ! ! HMMMMPH ! ! !

I get to get groomed on next Saturday I can hardly wait !  Ahhhhh I think I do need a bath but mom wants me to wait just a little bit longer  PLUS  it is snowing which is good because Santa doodle needs lots of snow to see my paws from the sky !

Did you know that Santa doodle rides in his sleigh and he looks down with his doodle telescope to spot us doods, yea  he leaves stuff for the other guys too !! But . . . ..

oooo also last night mom was talking to me  just thought I was looking a little sad well . . .  I havent’ seen any buddies in awhile, so I gave her the “HEAD TILT”   yea  she loved LOVED that !! ! !

Doodle Bells  Doodle Bells Doodles all the way  oh what fun it is to get  a big bone under the tree! ! !


Have a great Friday  FRiday FRIDAY


Please come Santa Doodle

Please come Santa Doodle


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