OOOO OOOO the weather

OOo the doodle weather outside if frightful but my doodle fur keeps me warm so since I have to stay inside I will  look   I will Look for all the treats! ! Oooo OHOH OH the treats are somewhere I know my mom hid them but, if I can distract my older brother,  I can go,  I can go upstairs and find them ! ! ! !

Doodles let me tell you sometimes I just want to go and search everyone’s room for a treat, there has to be at least one piece of paper laying around that I just need to eat !!  Yea there is nothing like a little paper in my belly.

Last night I played catch the ball, come one I am ready for some rolling around in the snow but know one can come outside to play whinnnnn whinnnnnnn they say its to cold out, but I think we can still play I really Do, hey mom hasn’t even put up the wreath outside yet HUMPH ! ! I think tonight she said she will brave the cold yeppppp and I Mr. Wilson Doodle will make sure she does, I know she has warm gloves and a warm hat, Hmmmmmm

I think I just have to keep bugging her tonight I know I will give her a BIG DOODLE WELCOME when she comes home from work Yeaaaaaa

OOOO  Doodle bells Doodle Bells I have a great idea, if I can wag my tail and Jump up to greet my MOM !! Doodle Bells Doodle Bells It is a wonderful idea, MOm likes it when I give her big giant hugs oooo and I can’t forget my smile either !! Ahhhhhhh\


Stay warm

Love Wilson




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