SNow SNOW !!!!!

Oh Doodle Doodle Doodle , there is white stuff on the ground OH  Doodle Doodle Doodle, we can romp and stomp all around !! ! ! Oh  OOOOOhhhh The weather outside is beautiful, the white stuff on the ground is cool, so all I have to do is think Of how to have fun all around ! ! !

Heeee Heeee Hey guess what  last Thursday My favorite sister came home along with  yep  MAISY MAISY, and Karen teased me big time,she went through the gate to come into the house and Waaa LA who do I see  KAREN  Karen my nice big sister ! ! Karen Karen I had to move fast to get hugs from her because well, MAISY just waits for me to play with her and I don’t want to disappoint her at all, so Maisy went into the house and I stayed outside to get my hugs ahhhhhh OOOOO wait Karen Here comes Maisy gotta go ! ! !

So much fun and the best part of all was on Thursday morning when Dad and Mom made breakfast and Bob he well, . . .  he snuck some bacon to me  ahhhhhh ! ! ! ! Love it , he told Mom to look the other way, well . . l “She said “it is Thanksgiving”  YEa  Doodle Dooodle Yippeee Doodle All the Way  !!

Oooo OOOO Doodle Wags Doodle Wags Doodle Tail Wags It is fun to wag your tail When you know you will get some food ! ! !  Hee4 Heeee But, Mom told Dad that we have to stop because she is afraid I will get a little heavy again nah ! ! ! !

So yesterday my big brother took me out to play ahhh it was fun and now today with the little bit of snow  oh yea  MOre PLAY time, and Mom says it’s time to get the pups together again.   Last night I was tired it takes me a few days to get back into normal gear after Maisy leaves. Yeaaaa can you believe it but I am  Ready to PLAY ! ! ! \

Hey Have a great doodle day and Remember  You Can Hug Your Doodle Hug your Doodle Hug Him all the way  he likes his hugs  and [pets and scratches you can play all day !!

Oooo Boy Gotta work on my music again !! Ohhh Don’t you worry I will!

Love ya


There is SNOW outside

There is SNOW outside


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