Hi Everyone I know  I know I haven’t written in a few days But Heck I am the Doodle of the house, it just seems that MOM was busy, and OH DOODLEY BOY , Mom had a HUGE   HUGE surprise for me the other day ! ! ! ! !

Okay  OKAY  get your doodle on and get ready for this ! ! ! !  Mom says come outside Wilson so we go outside and I hear  “Wilson”   “WILSON: hmmmmm where oh where is that noise coming from?????? then  all of a sudden  I gallopped with my tail waggin  WAGGIN  BOB   BOB  My big brother BOB is home  OH  OH  OH  My butt was wiggling so fast MOM was Laughing, and I just put my furry paws on top of him, gave him kisses  went in circles, and then  he says “GO get your Ball’  NOPE  AHHHH HAAAA he can’t fool me  I don’t want him to leave me again ! So I just stayed right by his side, ahhhhhhh I am so HAPPPPPPPYYYYYYYYYY! !  ! ! ! !

At night time my Sister came home  with MAISY  Luckily  I was in the house and Karen put Maisy in the back yard and I wagged  WAGGED some more  OOOOO I just love these HOILIDAYS<

Plus  Mom and DAD were home and we had fun  FUN  FUN  the Turkey oh so good, yea Bob snuck me a few pieces under the table, I think I have a few extra doodle pounds on me right now  OH WELL  Thats the DOODLE LIFE ! ! ! !  !

I have just so much to tell in these next few days but, I must get going now Have  A great day ! ! ! !  !

Love ya







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