Fluffy Friday

Guess who’s coming  Guess who’s coming  Guess who is coming Soooon, OH I can’t wait  I just can’t wait to see  who is coming soooon !  I better be good  I better be good even if its’ Fluffy Friday !!  !

Mom says I will be so surprised that my tail just might fly off WEll, I never MOM  My tail fly off???? Hmmmmmmmm OH DOODLES  I wonder  I wonder who  who Whoo would put it back on????

Heeeeee Oh Doodles I didn’t know what quite to do this morning when MOM let me outside there was that WHITE STUFF on the deck again  hmmmmmm Mom says  “LOOK THERE IS SNOW”””” Where???  Where I said, Aw mom not enough to go romping through and get full of snow balls, EEEEKKKKKk SNowball season  oh Doodles    I am I little concerned because mom always tries to put my paws in warm water if I get to many snwoballs in them.

So on this Fluffy FRiday I declare that I Mr. Wilson can do whatever I want  HA HA HA

Hey Mom and I took a great walk last night is was so nice outside but none of my buddies were outside hmmmmmm I think they just didn’t want to get caught in the rain drops, but  It didn’t rain at all.

OOOOOO Gotta see that squirrel Yea  I make my tail go wag  wag wag when I see him, Rocky yea  Rocky was teasing me again this morning he was on that fence top so I ran over to him and He just went right up to the tree in Mocha’s yard then Rocky was talking to me, chhhhh chhhhh chhhh Hmmmm I don’t understand squirrel but I think he wanted me out of MY YARD so he can dig  yea I don’t do that any more so I don’t know why he is!

Well  I want everyone to fluff their tail Fluff Their Tail Fluff there tail tonight oh what fun it is to wag my fluffy tail today !

Love ya


Come on Turkey DAY !

Come on Turkey DAY !



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