Well Helllooooooooooooo

Today is Tuesday  Tuesday Tuesday  Today is Tuesday  lets Wag our tails,  Wag our Tails   Wag our Tails today is Tuesday  and it’s a Tail Waggin kind of day ! ! !

Guess what???  Last night I could see that Mom was debating weather or not to give me a walk, so I just helped her along  Yep  YEP  YEP<  I saw that she was helping Dad in the Kitchen so I just doodlemandered over to her  whinnnnn whinnnnn  then I gave her the big BROWN EYE LOOKS  Mom    your not looking  gheeezzz, My job is so hard at times,

So I just leaned into her  MOM   MOM!! ! !  ! !  ok  ok ” Hi, BigGuy”  I smiled, lets go it’s okay the wind  has died down.  So what does MOM do??? She calls up Bell and Waaaaa LA

Bell went for a walk with me It was fun it wasn’t a 3 mile walk like MOm and I normally do but It was good, yea  !  Leave piles to smiff and oh what’s that  Hmmmmmmm another pup!  Yea another Pup walked with us in the group, hmmmmmm I better go in front , ahhhhhh  Yea  I like being the doodle leader ! !

Mom told me today that she has to stay a little bit late for work today, so glad she told me because well I would worry, and you don’t want a doodle to worry at least not too much  lol lol

Waggin  Waggin  I am waggin my tail  My tail  MY TAIL  I am Waggin Waggin  Waggin my tail away !!

Have a great doodley day !

Love ya Willy

Hmmmmm whats in store for me on This Waggin Tuesday

Hmmmmm whats in store for me on This Waggin Tuesday


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