Ahhh Monday

Monday   Monday, OH WHY  OH WHY   Monday Monday not fair to come today ! !

Nope because Mom and my human sister Karen went to Chicago for the weekend and I had no TIME AT ALL WITH MY SISTER HuMPH ! ! ! !  !

Oh Yea Maisy was here and that  was great wonderful, I kept looking out the window to see when she was coming because MOM said  Maisy is coming keep looking  ! ! So I did and finally they drove up  Whoooopiieeeee Doodlleeee Deeeeee  , so I went right to the front door to give them a hug, but  MOM kept waiting and waiting MOM They are here open  OPEN up the DOOR ! ! !

My tail was almost going to fall off MOM  MOOOOOOMMMMMM  sheeezzzzz ! ! !  then Waaaaa LA in they come !! OH YEA  DOODLES  I  just wanted to PLAY AND PLAY  AND play, but Maisy hmmmmmm she just had to check things over and WAaaaa la  then finally she played with me! !  I was doing the doodle dance and everything else  come on  come on   ! !

Yea  what a great two days with Maisy but,   I think Dad had more fun then us  he was laughing at us and keep putting us outside.  Now for my next surprise very  verrryyyyy soonnnnn.  I think Maisy and Karen are coming over  again !!  YEaaaaaaaa

Have a great MONDAY

Love ya






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