Fluffy Friday FluffyFriday

Doodle eyes are watching, are watching , are watching Doodle Eyes are watching to see that you are HAPPY   Happy  Happy Are you Happy Today  Happy Today, my doodle eyes are watching ,  just to make sure you are HAPPY ! ! ! Especially on Fluffy Friday ! !

So Today for my fluffy Friday  I went upstairs to greet my Mom and Dad  they love it when I greet them with my fluffy tail and mom oh Silly Doodle MOM  she let me give Dad a fuffy hi with my whiskers in his face Heeeee heeeeee

Mmmmmm I am wondering  Mom says that I will have a visitor this weekend but, it is not the BIG  HUGE surprise that is coming very  VERY soon hmmmmmm so just to be sure, that I know who it is  I tricked MOM< yea  see on the counter she put my Fozzy Bear stuff animal and Kermit the Frog, well,    Mom gave me my Fozzy Bear but would not let me have Kermit, she said that is for maisy when she comes on Saturday, YEa  YEA  I knew she was coming back ! ! ! !

So that means I get to see my Karen and my Maisy girl again ahhh LIfe   I like my Doodley life ! ! !   But, hmmmmmm Mom says that her and Karen are headed to see Papa, but I have to stay home, so Dad is going to watch us. OH YEA  Maybe we can get Ice Cream, if I am really really Good I am sure Dad will put us in the car and AWAYYYYYY we go !

Oh yea I have to figure out all kinds of fun things to do !

Guess what Dad could not go on our walk last night so Mom and I did we walked and walked and I got the habit that mom likes Walking and Running in those leave piles, hmmm they smelled so good last night that I could not resist !

Fluffy Friday Fluffy Friday I am going to wag  WAG  wag my tail for Fluffy Friday Friday  FRIDAY    it is so much fun come one Wag that tail swoosh  SWOOSH


Love ya all


Gotta Rest UP my cousin is coming to visit me

Gotta Rest UP my cousin is coming to visit me


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