Hi Mom forgot to tell me that today is Halloween Man oh Man I think she has too much on her mind but, after these next few days she should be normal   LOL LOL LOL

So today means that all kinds of goblins will be out and about and I will be Woofing Wooofin Away, man but. . . . ..  I think If mom puts  that Bears Jersery on Me that will be scary enough ! ! ! !

Oh doodles guess what?????!!! Mom and I are going to shop today and she told me that one of the stores we can go into today I just might get another TOY! ! Hmmmm I think something is doodley up because she has been doing things that make me think hmmmmmmmmm   I just can’t say but I will follow her around all morning just to make sure She does not get into any trouble today . . . .

Anyway there is a Christmas decoration that all my doodle friends are getting so we are going to get one too !!  Yea  I have to be just like my buddie you know !

Last night no WALK HUMPH ! ! I guess it was raining and Mom must of thought she would of melted in the RAIN HEY MOM I GO OUT IN THE RAIN ALL THE TIME  ! ! ! !

Just sayin MOM !  Any doodle way at least we played hide and seek with that squeeky ball of mine and  Mom tried OH she Tried but, she can’t pull the doodles over my eyes, she was tricky oh that MOM< she actually THOUGHT  that if she ran upstairs with the ball then run down the stairs I would not notice  Really MOM   Come on I know  I know I did fall for it, well I do have those noodley doodley brains.

OH doodles  Have a very Happy “Safe Halloween  Boooo Booooobbbbbboooooooo

BOO !!  Gottcha ! ! !

Love Wilson

Do I scare you????

Do I scare you????


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