Wake UP  Wake UP  it is a beautiful DAY  Wake UP  Wake UP Rise and shine the Doodle way !!

The Doodle Way The Doodle Way WAke Up WAke Up theDoodle way ! ! I suppose you are all wondering what is the Doodle Way, well, it is galloping up the stairs come on everyone gallop up your steps then it is pawing to see if the door to where your humans are is slightly open ! !  \

Shhhh be a little quite and DOODLES you are in  then quitley and carefully  go by mom’s side and put your furry face on her face and That is the Doodle WAY”    OH YEA  you have to make sure that your human Dad has left the door slightly ajar !! !

And of course the DoodleWay wake up  oooo I forgot to mention you have too Streeeeeeeeetch  especially if you are a big guy like me !!  Then you roll over ahhhhhhhh and look to see if a human is downstairs to give you that belly rub of the morning !

OOOOoooo Guess What  We had a dog party celebration last night YEA   Mom was celebrating my big HUMAN BROTHER Home in the USA  oh yea   ! ! ! ! !   We had a fire in the pit and Mrs. G shared Cheers with MOM ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Then after the celebration beeep   beeep  that computer noise again WHat/????!!! Bob is on SKYPE  OH YEA  DOODLES  I can’t wait to see him ! !  Dad brings a chair over Mom is over by my computer then WAaaa LA  There he was with a BIG SMILE ON HIS FACE

Doodles  I am so happy to hear his voice, so now when mom went to turn on the computer for me this morning  I haven’t learned that yet  hmmmmm Will he pop up again????  I doodley wonder, hmmmmm waiting   WAITING  NOPE OH Doodles,

Maybe tonight oh Doodles  . . . . . …

I must get going and see what the day will bring already some pup walked down my street and I don’t know who they are hmmmmmm.

Have a gReat Doodley DAY

Love ya





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