Good Morning

Happy  Happy Fluffy Friday  Friday  FRIDAY  happy happy FRIDAY TO YOU AND YOU AND YOU ! ! ! !

I am a big fluffy doodle  doodle Doodle I am a big FLUFFY DOODLE  !   You can pet me hug me  love me  I am a big Fluffy Doodle come and give me a hug ! ! !  ! Ahhhh Friday is finally here can you believe it????

I have to apologize for not going on yesterday MOM  YEP again MOM had to do some stuff on this computer  I Know what I want for a Christmas  I DOODLE LAP TOP Yep  Doodly YEP ! ! ! That is the way to go,

Mom has been showing me pictures of other doodles putting there big furry paw on that keyboard so I of course think I should have one.  Yea come on wouldn’t  that be cool ??

Ooooo come on I know someone out there can invent a keyboard for us pups , well I guess it will be me !

So anyway when Dad came home yesterday really super duper doodley fast he forgot to leave a light on and I was in the DARK whinnnn Whinnnnn   Where was mom??? She was gettting her hair cut, but  all of a sudden I hear the garage door open YEA  YEA  YEA !

But, Mom didn’t know if I ate yet hmmmmm Mom I am waggin my tail standing by my dish THIS IS  A HUGE HINT !!  Whoosh LUckily Mom knew,  thank Goodness !!

After dinner we went for a walk, ooooo Boy it was sort of spooky, we were walking down a street and all of a sudden some pups start barking and all of a sudden some spookey MUSIC starts to PLAY  BoooooBOOOOOOOOoooooOBVOOOOOO

MOM????? MOM?????? lets  go  Let’s go  quickly past this street  I really struted my stuff.

I can be   your doodle Come and give me a hug  I will be your Doodle just look at my smile !

OOOO boy my brain is just going so fast today  !!  ANd you want to know why????

HA HA HA HA  Can’t tell ya !

have a great DAy

okay I will tell you   MOM IS HOME TODAY SHE HAS  A DAY OFF !

Love ya Willy




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