Ohhhh Myy

Last Night was so supppper doodley cool yea it was cold outside but it was cooo.

Mom surprised me and said Let’s get the pups over and we did ! ! ! ! OH  Yea Yea Yea, I was able to do my doodle rompin stompin dance and I gallopped all around the backyard, but when Mom started the fire Know one came yet MOM said “don’t worry Will, they will come !” and sure and doodle enuf they did.

Maisy wasn’t home but the other two were here and mom made a fire so the humans could keep warm, ahhhh doodles and NO NO NO NO furry paw mom warned me before the pups came, but. . . .. . HA AH do u think I would not try???? well, of course I tried, well I Had to Mocha was just  well she was being MOCHA!

BUt I did my dance first you know the dance  come one I know You know it Put your two paws forward and shake them all around put your two paws forward and go up and down now come on shake shake   Shake Shake shake your doodley     Shake SHake SHAKe  shake SHAKE  shake your dooldly.

heee heeeee but after play time ooooo but first Mom showed off my wonderful doodleful soccer skills yep I still have them I bounced up into the air and caught the ball, and one time mom kicked so hard that I was able to bounce it off my nose  oh yea THIS doodle has it, hmmmm I really wish I wonder Hey MOM I think we should start up a Pup Soccer Tearm and I will be the STAR  OH YEA  I can see it now.

Now playing for the super doodle team  YOUR ONE AND ONLY SUPER DOODLEY WISLON
ahhh   I think I shall nap on that today hmmmm

Have a great Wednesday

Love ya Willy

Wilson's soccer team hmmmm

Wilson’s soccer team hmmmm


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