Totaly Thursday

What to do  What to Do ON Thursday  thursday  What to do  What to do ON THURSDAY Morning !!  I can sleep on the coach on the coach all day  Morning,  What to do  What To do On Thursday MOrning !

ooo I know I can get ready for My HUMAN Sister’s Birthday  I have to get my voice Ready so I can sing to her  !  La LA LA lAAAA LLLLAAAAAA  WEll, acutally I was practicing this morning so I am very so doodly sorry if I woke anyone up well, . . . . it was  6:15  and MOM called me in but. . . . . there must be a new puppy I was just trying to let the little guy KNOW  what my name is  . . ..  It’s so hard to meet all of these new pups

Take this morning for instance,  . . . . . .  out of the corner of my doodle eyes I see some human walking this PUP yea  I quickly got off the computer to see who it was,  I knew it wasn’t my friends because it was wayy to early.

WEll, any way it is my human sisters birthday tomorrow and I have to practice so I hope that Mom will help me out with my singing later on !  Meeee Meeee Laaa Laa  a   hohohoh

teeee I think I am ready  AhMEN   AHENN  sorry hairball.

I have a little surprise tomorrow for Karen  I hope it works  but I am going to keep practicing Meeee MEeeeee  ooooo OOOO OOO

I am almost ready !

Have a great day and just wait for my surpirse !

Love ya


shhhh I have a surprise for Karen

shhhh I have a surprise for Karen


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