OOooo want to know what this doodle likes about MONDAY?????

Hmmmmm I get to rest up from the weekend yepppppyyyy yep

Well, as you all know I always do have a very busy doodle weekend but, on this past Friday MOM came rushing IN and then RUSHED out of the HOUSE  but, at least she did feed me ! ! ! ! And I only got a little bit of a hug not a HUGE one that I am use  to HUMPH !

Whinnnnn whinnnnn what was wrong???? ahhh Nothing mom said I just have to go and meet some friends  WHAT!!?!?!?!?!??!  well, at least mom feed me before she left  YEA YEA  ! ! ! ! But then Dad came into the HOUSE and WHOSH he left too ! ! ! !

What the doodles was going on ??/ /but later they both came back together, hmmmmm I think they went out and had a nice evening  ! ! !  but me what do I get to do  I GOT TO WATCH the house ! ! OH yea the evening was good not a single problem and you know DAisy sometimes she can be noisy but, eh no she was good too!

Saturday oh Saturday was doodlefantastic  I really Mean DOODLY FANTASIC, mom and I went on that trial again, plus someone stopped us along the way and gave me  DOODLE COOKIE oh YEA  My tail was a waggin a lot for that DOODLE COOKIE< ahMEN  Mom ,  MOM  you can make these too  I looked at her ! ! !

It was delicious Pumpkin, and peanut butter, hmmmmmmmGOOD

so as we went  on the trail I saw the path and DID MY DOODLE DANCE, AHHH PUT YOUR TWO PAWS FORWARD AND SHAKE THEM ALL ABOUT THAT IS THE DOODLE DOODLE DANCE   I even threw in a wiggle of my butt !

Ahhhh then mom dropped the leash and ran into the fields eat a little grass ahhhh doodle life is doodletreriffic!

oooo then we also went to Dad’s soccer game which was right down the trail , yea DAD saw me and I got petted too, but this one person was a little weird he wanted to look at the inside of my mouth!! HMMMM MOM  MOM ! ! ! ! make him stop ,so she did, whoooosh, turns out he has a 2 year old doodle and wanted MOM to watch his doodle, even though mom says she works, Hmmmmmm Strange  ! ! ! !

But anyway as I got petted and hugged after the game mom and I started to walk home and as we were walking guess who beeped their horn at us  DAD  DAD< He says  you want a ride well, I didn’t have to be asked twice I  rushed into Dad’s car, I thought Mom would go in the back but NOOOOO Doodles NO she sat right next to me in the front seat ! Ahem  MOM    MOM come on MOM but, just was not getting my doodle vibes so I sat on her lap, and had a HUGE DOODLEY HUGE SMile on my face ! ahhhhh Humans Love them!

Well must be going have a wonderful doodleful kind of a day!!

Love ya


this was me as a puppy

this was me as a puppy


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