It’s Friday  FRIDAY  Lets Stomp our paws for FRIDAY  FRIDAY  and we can wiggle our big fluffy tail, FLUFFY TAIL    FLUFFY TAIL  We can Wag our FLUFFY TAIL ! ! ! !

Heee Heee I bet you thought I was going to say wag our Fluffy butts  heee heeeeee !

nah but oh my Doodles did we have a very nice walk last night No branches to make mom SHRIEK and scare me of course, but as we were walking past this one house oh my doodles    OH MY doodles its’ that time of year again tooo isn’t ????

Boooooooo BoooOOOOoooooBOOOOOOoooooo yep doodly dee we walked past a house and they had all kinds of creatures out and lights shining on this house and MUSIC playing  ooooOOOOOoooooOOOOOO MOMmmmmmmmm I just walked past very very DOODLY Fast and I didn’t even look that way ! ! ! NO  NO NO I am not scared I just was making sure Mom was keeping pace with me!

Hey guess what else??:?   I heard my Buddy Jack’s voice last night , yea after our walk MOM rushed  into the house found Dad  and said Jack’s been calling, So  Mom called Jack and I heard his  VOICE  YEA YEA  doodly YEa  I smiled and SMILED and looked for him!

Ahhhhh the phone !

Also Mom was talking to dad about fostering a DOODLE  yea well,  I was sitting on my pillow very comfrotably then heard her say the word FOSTER< hmmmmmmmMMMMMM

Dad is thinking about it too !

Oooo Doodles Hmmmm It would not be so bad  but we will see ! ! ! !

Well  gotta  go and get ready for a Doodley Fun Weekend ! ! ! !

Love ya



OoOOO almost forgot saw my littlest buddy Maisy on my walk last night Ahhhh that girl  I LIKE HER ! !

OOOO Happy birthday to my Aunt in Chicago

Happy Birthday Aunt JUDY

Happy Birthday Aunt JUDY


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