Helllooooo FALL

I really made mom SMILE this morning Yeppppppyyyyy Doodley YEP

See Dad went downstairs first and all of a sudden I look  and LOOK twice Where is MOM???? ooooo that sleepy head mom gotta find her ! ! ! So I ran UP the stairs and THERE she is  Good MORNING  MOM ! ! ! !  ! !  Ahhh She gave me a HUGE DOODLE SMILE  Thats the way MOM  !! ! !  ! ! !

Doodles  Doodles we got some Doodles  Dooodles Doodles  Way to Go Doodles ! !

Can you believe that MY MOM Yes  MY MOM  wanted me to go outside when it was DARK OUTSIDE this morning ! ! ! ! !  Well NO way MOM !  ehhh ehhhh nOPE NOPE NOPE< but then I rolled over on my back and I got the best belly rub and ahhh  MOM was not playing FAIR at ALL this morning ! ! ! !  Belly Rubs I am a doodle that loves those rubs and ooops  Ok  I will go outside, gheeezzz luckily it is light out now, I was just waiting for that brightness !

Heeeee Heeee last night on our walk we had all lights on but, . . . . . . it was windy and we walked down one of our streets and there were some branches on the grass, as we walked past  the wind PICKED UP ANd Whooosh   AHHHHHH MOM whats Wrong!”  The branches moved, Gheeezzzz MOM you almost gave me a doodle attack! ! !

But, no doodle kids no worries  I was there with my head high making sure MOM was ok, gheeezzzzzz !  Then as we are walking there are some piles of leaves and MOM again likes to walk in those piles it was awesome of course I joined in !  I can’t refuse a walk in those leaves either, Heee and When we opened up  the shades this morning guess what has landed on our front lawn.

LEAVES LEAVES  Great Doodly Dooodleee LEAVES, I think mom and I will be making leave piles  YIPPEEEEEEEE ! ! ! ! ! !

WEll gotta get moving along on this Thursday hmmmmmmmmmm I gotta idea !!

Love ya Willy

shhhhh going to capture that squirrel today

shhhhh going to capture that squirrel today


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