Monday  Monday why do you come so soon???? Monday Monday oh why , oh why do you have to be here??

Can’t we just go from  Sunday to Friday hee heee that would mean I would have more time with MY MOM AND DAD  ! !

We had a great doodley weeekend, oh yea Doodley Doo, what do u you think we can do?

Well let me tell ya, first of all on Friday I was sort of  like where r u going????? and I could not go out with my Mom and Dad to dinner, ok, so when oh when can I go?  When Oh When Can I????  I want to spend as much time with you Oh when Oh When can I go???

Heeeeee heeeee but, when mom and dad came home we played ball, and they brought home some doodle doogie bags hmmmm smelled pretty good lots of garlic gheeez, Mom says none for me,l humph !  HUMPH !

Then on Saturday  Crackkkk Boooom Crack  oh my not again, GHEEZZZZZZ Where is Mr. Sunshine, on Saturday come out come out where ever you are  Mr. Sunshine  Mr Sunshine I need to see your shinning face ,  Mom heard me singing well actually I was really doodley really, RAIN  RAIN RAIN< Grrrrrr Not even a walk on Satruday,

But oh boy did mom make up for it  yesterday, !! ! ! ! !

We went on the  Trail by our house it was great ! ! ! !  first she had to do errands and AGAIN  I could not go WITH HUMPH   Really one day  JUST ONE day I am going to sneak into that car !

WEll anyway, as we walked towards the trail the sun was out a little breezzy  just a perfect doodle kind of a day.

As we go to the trail mom let go of my leash  I smiled that doodlish smile that I can give her that melts her heart away ! So I started to walk away  got to a tree sniff  snifff hmmmmm smells good,  “Wilson, mom says  come here”  Wilson,  Mom I hear ya  but,   this tree hmmm, ok  one run ” So  I look at Mom   Look at the field and WHosssh I take off !! !

Mom “WILSON”  WILSON COME NOW!  oops relax Mom  its Me MR Doodle do u really think I am going to go that far with out you??? Mom smiled she knew!

So I went into a big run and I ran  and ran in a big CIRCLE  Ahhhh  It was Great  then I came gallopping to MOM and she had a huge smile on her face. ahhhhh ! ! !  I love the trial.

I got mom to post a video of me by a tree that I just had to get that scent on me! ! It was great , but a few bikers on the trail were not to happy that we were walking on the wrong side, of the walk, OH WELL< thats just the way it is !

I love the fall weather !  I can’t wait for next weekend when I can have more more  MORE fun with Mom

Have a great week    I know I will  there is that squirrel that keeps coming in my yard and can you belive taht guy also went very close to my DECK yea so I have to keep an Doodley Perfect eye on that creature.

Love ya All


Okay Mr. Squirrel I am ready for you !

Okay Mr. Squirrel I am ready for you !



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