Good Day

The leaves are falling  falling  FALLING  the leaves from my TREES are Falling so that means I get to make a leave pile soon !  I get to make a leaf pile soon Leaf pile soon, I get to make a Leaf pile sooon and Do some doodle dives.

Ahhhh you can just smell Fall in the air, hmmmmm I told Mom I was smelling trees that some pups were at hmmmmm But Ok I just smiled at Mom and agrreed, oh doodles what are we going to do????? Mom says we will just enjoy enjoy the colors hmmmmm how can I enjoy those colors when I know that squirrels are busy in my yard digging holes, Hmmmmm.

Can you believe it Mom was late coming home yesterday yea she brought home some food, but  NOT one Single Bone for me and MOM knows that I am out of BONES too!

She said if its raining today we will go to my favorite store, hmmmmm I am going to hold MOM to that one !

Ooooo my little buddy has not been outside in awhile I even ran into the corner of my fence to see her nothing  hmmmmm  whinnnnn whinnnnn. I think I need to talk to her Woof Woooof yea I was woof wooof woofing again this morning ! I just feel the need to let my neighbors know its TIME TO WAKE UP  UP UP  Come On everyone lets get going  Going Lets Get GOING  and ENJOY our day !!!!

OH NO  I just remembered that today is THURSDAY and that means tomorrow is fluffy Friday OH DOODLEY YEA ! ! !  ! ! !  No trips planned oh yea doodles, I am going to convince Mom that we need to take a drive and find a spot where I can run and run and run.

OH yea  nah   I think I will just dream about that one ! Fooled ya, but,  really on our walk last night those people are putting things in their lawns, hmmmmmm what the doodle mom tells me to look , but seriously MOM that ghost scares me ! Yea can you inmagine that a decoration of a ghosts scares me Mr. Doodle make that Mr. Fluffy Doodle, well you would be too if it was going booooo boooooobooooobboooooo !

Hmmmmm Not sure if I like that holiday coming up !

Hey have a great doodle day and remember to Hug a doodle it makes you feel Calm.

Love ya


those colors on the trees sure are pretty

those colors on the trees sure are pretty


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