Woof Woof Woof come on Everybody lets make some morning noise on this beautiful Day Wooof Wooooof hmmmmm Woof Woof hmmmmmmm  “Wilson Stop” awe Dad but, the geese are flying above me I am just saying Woof Woof to them !

Wilson oh okay, so that was how my morning was  Woof Wooof, Yep Dad stopped me from Woofing ooops you know what if I continue I think I might have to get that collar on oh Doodles NOPE I don’t want that, hmmmm or I can hide it !

Well do you know that on Sunday when Mom and I took a walk we went past a house on a street and all of a sudden a GIANT HAWK Flew by us Yea it was super doodley cool, MOM stopped  Look Wilson’ huh???? OH OH  OH Doodles Doodles he won’t get me will he , as I looked at MOM????

Nah and we kept on walking on, but, I must not of been feeling well either because we went right past  Zesty’s and I didn’t want to go ???Hmmmmmm I know why because it wasn’t so hot out, oh doodley me I better get checked out just too make sure I am ok!

Hmmmm then we went past Dairy Queen and Nothing either, oh my oh my, but when we got home Mom gave me a CARROT! YIKES a carrot hmmmm I better not tell her that it’s Ice Cream I want !

OOO and also the other day on our walk, as were on our way home two people that I didn’t know went by us, oh that looked different but, Mom kept on walking , not me  I kept on looking back and wondering  hmmmmm why didn’t mom stop and say HI  why ?????

Well I have got to dream of those squirrels in my yard and that big bunny who wants to make a home under my DECK ! Yep last night I had to go out twice just to check on that bunny!  Mom called me in well, it was late and that moon well, I think mom thought I might woof at it heeeee heeeee.

Have a great Wonderful doodelful day

Love ya


Hmmmm I can't wait for those leaves to fall again

Hmmmm I can’t wait for those leaves to fall again


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