hi hi hi hi

Good Morning  Good Morning

I know I know where have I been???? WEll,   Well  Well, I was right here see Dad changed over our Internet and I could not get ON  OH Doodles I so worried about all of my friends, but, mom kept reassuring me that everyone was okay !

Whoosh! How could my buddies get along without me??????? But, Mom said they can see your pictures because mom was posting pics of me hmmmmm and she didn’t even tell me to smile all the time Well,  I never ! But thats okay

And anyway Mom had that nasty bug of a cold going on and she was not feeling the best, but Now  I can tell my Mom is all better Yep Doodley Yep,

So it is like 33 out and My MOM expected me to go outside and do what???? WEll, u know what but brrrrrrr I am just not ready for this brrrrrrrrrrness.

So Mom and I took a walk on Saturday through DePere and do u know what she did??? Well she picked up some acorns for those squirrels, doesn’t she know that those guys drive me a little doodle crazy  I run to the front window to the deck then back to the front again?? What is she trying to do too me???????

Well when we got home on Saturday she through them all on the front lawn Whooosh, hey human sibs did mom do that when u guys were little so that those squirrels would come by the house and drive Purdy squirrly????

So as Mom was not feeling well last week I tried to make her feel better by snuggling with her but oh doodles was her voice Strange??? It was  so deep that I didn’t recognize my Mom!  now my Dad is not feeling that well, oh doodles I guess I will have to snuggle with him too !

Also yesterday on our night time walk Mom and I met Mosby that huge Great Dane Mix, man oh doodles Man he has gotten taller !

OOOOO Mom teased me yesterday she said to me want to help me out in the van??? So I ran into the van all Mom did was clean it !! No ride at all  whnnnnnnn but.   Mom says no worries we will be going to see Papa soon and I get to ride in the van! Woooop Doodles  WHoopie

So  Doodle Doodle  Doodles in the fall we like to run we like to Jump on top of those doodle leaves, Doodle Doodle Doodles in the fall we watch the leaves fall right in the midst of kicking the soccer ball !  YEA

Have a great doodley day

Love ya


Love the FALL

Love the FALL


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