Good Morning

Good Morning  Good Morning It is a wonderful day   Good MOrning Good MOrning

that bunny is in my yard! If only mom would let me out that front door I could chase down that bunny that has been teasing me! Oh Yea he is a big BUNNY we are talking Doodly Large! The other day when I was just looking out the front window all of a sudden something hops out from under MY BUSHES OH NO ! woof  woof WOOF WOOF WOOF

I even jumped up onto the little window ledge uh oh  should not of done that Mom wasn’t happy but, MOM there is that bunny! Really that bunny that’s the one thats been buggin me!

Mom laughed after she told me DOWN Oh yea I listened right away ! Because Mom used her MOM voice. Then again last night the same bunny come one HUMANS  let me chase it into the other yard Please?????!!!

OH doodley well I just know mom will not let me do that but if my Human kids see that bunny hmmmmm I think I will message them later to let them know so when they come home I just  know my humans kids will let me out that front door! Yea no fence in the front yard but,   if I do go out I would either go to Bell’s house or Maisy’s to visit hmmmmmmm !

So yesterday mom came home with FLOWERS ahhh she had a wonderful  but, . . . . I didn’t get anything oh sure I got a treat when she came home did you know that she gets home at a little bit later time now! yea I miss her being home earlier, oh doodles that is my doodle life.

Ooo I wanted to let Dad and Mom know that I need a walk or play time now that mom is at work Jack is out in PA so  yesterday I went up into Karen’s room and yea  I found some paper yummmm so good but, . . . . . red is just not my color.

When Mom and Dad came home last night from going out to EAT with out me they even went to ZESTY”S for ice cream after they ate, and I knew oh Doodles I knew trust me, mom had that vanilia ice cream smell with a touch of peanut butter, yea and MOM doesn’t even like Peanut butter , Dad ordered hmmmmm and did I get anything NOPE I DIDN”T

So last night ooops my brain sorry lots going on in my doodley noodle brain, I got my toy and Mom and I played tug of war she tossed it around the house oh doodles it was fun!

But now this morning she said now that it is getting cooler out in the morning we get to go for MORNING WALKS  OH YEA ! I can hardly wait because I bet I see my friend Abby!

Can’t WAit CAn’t WAit to go out the gate  CAn’t Can’t wait to go out the gate !

Have a great day everyone !

Love ya


Come on over to play friends

Come on over to play friends


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