Oh Doodles  I am sure you all were wondering where I was ! ! !  Oooooo Noodly Doodley Doo, It has been one busy  busy weekend and Days oh MY OH MY.

Well, you know how my buddy Jack was home for a while  YEA  He played Soccer with me gave me some of his protein stuff, and carrots ahhhhh I was in Doodle DOODLEY Heaven ahhhh. Well,  he moved to PA and boy was a sad, yea he packed up his car and all I could do was look at him with my big brown eyes and I was hopeful that he could sneak me into his car, but. . .  nah too much stuff in his car ! OH Man, then Mom came home she looked a little sad, but HEY Mom, I said “You and Dad are driving out there ”

Mom,MOM, MOM, OH boy  Mom thats all, I had to make her happy when Jack left, so I snuggled up to her and she gave me hugs Ahhhhh, but wait ????

I didn’t get to go with Mom and Dad to PA NOPE I got to go on a my own little vacation to The Canturbury tales, where I played and Played and got treats and hugs, ahhh Life for this doodle guy was good ! Oh but the only problem is that it is hard too sleep there.

So you know what??? Mom got me yesterday and she said she missed me OH Man did I miss her I gave her a giant doodle hug, I think though that I accidently scratched her, but she didn’t mind,  I jumped up on her and wagged my tail, and waaaaala  Mom and Dad are BACK!

But, I  just didn’t want to do anything last night nope I was a tired Dood. But today will be different I want to do so much today!  So watch out MOM when you get back home, OH YEA !

So to all my doodle pals it is great to be back in the doodle writing board again!

Love ya


All is good

All is good


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