Good Morning

Well Hello,  Hello  How are you today  I am fine  I am fine oh yes oh yes I am ! !

Even though it is raining out and Mom could not walk me this morning BEFORE the rain sheeez at least she could of woken up earlier and we could of walked YEA  we could of !

She can wake up at 5 in the morning and we could of gotten  in at least 4 miles today . What is she thinking that she didn’t get up early????? FOR ME  THE BIG GUY !!

OH well ! ! ! !  !

Guess what I got my back to School cut ooops I said that word School  eeekkk!! ! ! !

That means yep Mom has to put that thing that tells time on her wrist today in fact, she has a meeting oh boy ! ! !  It’s ok Mom I still love you, and I will be snuggling on the sofa waiting for you to come on home . whinnnn   whinnnnnnnn what am I going to do???

But, Jack is still home for another week I bet if I give him that LOOK he will play with me ! It’s been great having him kick that soccer ball around I am really showing off my doodle DOODLE Tricks .

I must say that I did have a nice weekend expect what is up that Mom, Dad, & Jack go somewhere that does NOT allow PUPS  I really think that I should have a sign on me that says I CAN BE HERE ! How would that go over hmmmmmm!  I will think about that one ! OH Yes I will you can belive it !

So when the humans all went out on Saturday night I just plopped myself on the coach and stuck my head under the pillow oh yea I thought Well I will just play hide and seek, and maybe  just maybe when they say good bye to me and don’t see me they will stay home !

RIght  RIGHT  well that didn’t work I still got hugged ahhh Love those hugs ! This morning I got to go for a car ride with mom and Jack, so that was fun, but, yesterday Mom and I went over to where Dad was reffing Whoosh was it HOT there!  We just walked around the soccer field, looking for some shade, NONE So shhhhhh!  don’t tell but Mom and I left and got some Ice Cream  shhhhhhh!!!!!

Also last night Mom and I were sitting on the deck and my Girlfriend was outside OH YEA  doodles, her Dad was out and saw how the fence had moved but didn’t care Thanks Mr. F. It is just so doodley fine that Julia and I get to peek into each other ‘s yards to see what is going on !

Doodles Are Great Doodles ARe Fun Wouldn’t you like to get one TOO???

Heee Shhhhh! Mom has a plan she keeps showing Dad doodle baby pics, and maybe  MAYBE nah I am sure not but, I can keep on being hopeful right???? RIGHT I can.

So have a good doodle Day !

Love ya





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