Fluffy Friday

Fluffy Friday is Finally here  Woot Wooot

But. . .. . Mom says  Yep   I have to say it I have to say that word  S       L

I have to go too the groomers today to get my S      l   Cut  hee hee It’s okay I am ready Yep I am ready to watch those kids walk past my  window, as long as I hope they stop and WAVE at me ahhhhhh I like seeing those kids !

Yesterday we had such a nice lazy doodle day  I declare that Yesterday was Lazy Doodle Thursday,  Mom and I walked and we talked with a few people , Jack played with me in the backyard that was so great, we played soccer ball, but, whoosh I got tired the sun, Yep so I am happy to get my   S      L    Cut !

But,   . . . my human brother had to leave for a while today, whimmmm  whimmmmm Mom says he will be back again don’t worry. Okayyyyyyyyy Mom I won’t.

Hey guess what???? Bell walked 3 miles with me last night and Her Mom brought WATER along  ahem  AHEM  Mom see  you should of brought treats and we could of had a PARTY
Party  as we walk along  as we walk Along Party  Party as we take our walk HEY!

It was a great walk because,    MOM had us walk by Mr. Treat Guy’s house so of course he was outside just a waiting for us and we got Two treats one for coming and one for leaving hmmmmmmm ! ! ! !

B ut, the best part of our walk was that Bell was able to go the whole 3 Miles  Yea  for BELL!  We tried to talk along the way but, My Mom was just a chatting away, oh MOM, and also yesterday I tried to go over to see Mocha  I went to the gate and everything, I woofed twice and Nope I could not get into her yard.  Shuck a dooodle  I think they fixed their gate.

Hmmmmmm There has to be a way, so while I am the doodle groomer I will but my noodles to a thinkin of what I can do !  And also Julia my buddy must be away for a few days, I haven’t seen her either.  Whinnnn Whinnnnn  But maybe this afternoon I know she will want to see my handsomedoodleness.

Have a great day today everyone!

Love ya


Do I really need a haircut??

Do I really need a haircut??



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