OH My Oh My What a Beautiful Day  Oh MY  Oh MY  It is a ooops a cloudy day???

Oh it’s okay it still can be beauitful  because it can that’s all ! ! !   I bet if I try really really doodley hard today I can get mom to take me anywhere I want, and I even think I can get a extra delicious treat !

Hmmmmm all I have to do is SMILE    Because when you SMILE  the whole entire doodle nation smiles with you ! ! Ooo  What is about me today??? HMMMMMMMMmmm not really sure, but I know when Mom was not home last night I was a little bit worried for her, we had a bad  BAD storm and KABOOM went the THUNDER  and a Bright LIGHT WOULD FLASH   Daddddd  where is MOM??????  Dad just smiled and said she would be home soon!  And the phone would ring, and I knew that it  would not be for a walk or any playtime because it was raining and windy and ooooooOOOOOooooo I was nervous.   Mom was on her way home !

Mom came through the garage door  well, of course she opened it first, and I wagged and WAGGED my tail went in circles, ahhhh I can relax now  !  Mom is HOME !

Do you know that yesterday I really wasn’t in the mood to go for a walk, yep  Mom was dressed and ready to go but,  not me  nope I just wanted to be a lazy   Lazy Doodle what is a doodle do  we can be lazy if we want to !!!  We might Not need a walk, but when we do we will let you know.  Lazy   Lazy Doodle Doodle DOO!

Heee well, Mom then went out the FRONT DOOR without ME  can you believe it , AHHH HA it was a TRICK  I knew it   I just knew it !  She came in then I was ready to go, but first  I just have to check out the backyard just in case there is something going on !! You never know what is there could be a squirrell could be a BUNNY    ! !  ! !!

But, as soon I check to make sure my kingdom is good  then I am ready to take that WALK ! !

We don’t have a car today so Mom and I are going to bake yep we are going to make a  CHERRY PIE< Yummmmmm  I can smell it baking NOW !! Well not NOW but, in my doodle brain I can ! hmmmmn well, I see that Mom wants to walk now so  I must say

Doodle Bye  Doodle Bye See ya tomorrow   See Ya Tomorrow  Time to Go Time To GO

Ha  HA

Love ya


I Love IT

I Love IT



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