Well , hellooooooo do you know what day it is  Yep Yep Yep it is WEDNESDAY ! ! !

Hee Heee and Mom said that today is  going to be a snuggle day yea  Wednesday is Snuggle your doodle day !  I think everyone should just stay at home and snuggle, Well, why not it is going to by sort of yucky out, and Mom only has a few days left before she has to go back to . . . . . .   S

Can’t  say that word nope doodley NO  I will NOT SAY THAT WORD, because it makes me sad, so sad, OH I don’t Like being Sad   SO SAD NOPE NOPE NOPE ! ! No sadness for this doodle guy,  ONLY A  SUN SHINE KIND OF  A SMILE ON MY FACE ! ! ! !

Watcha going to do  Watcha going to do  When a Doodle is SAD OH MY Doodleness it is so sad to see us doodles sad, you don’t want to know we just have a loss on our face, BUT NOT THIS GUY NOTHING BUT SUNSHINNING GOOD THOUGHTS COMING MY WAY!
I must say though when my human brother was gone all day, yesterday,  YEA ALL DAY  I was sad< hmmmm where did he go??? and who  was  going to give me  my mid-morning snack???? HMMMM Mom told me he would be back but, ahhhhh I was sad, I smiled really really nice for mom you think she would of whipped me up some of that stuff my Human brother makes??? Mom, Says “NO” but I will give you some apple slices, oh OK Mom, not the same AHHHhhh .

I must admit that I was rather lonely Mom and I even took a short walk around the block last evening ahhh that was good but, it was getting a little humid so we could not go so far, and we saw another dog from up the street,  I said HI , and when we got home NO Dad, NO big human brother HUMMPH HUMPH

Dad was at soccer and WAAA LA Dad walked in yea  I know dad will give me a snack, ah HA and he did then a few hours later Mom says guess who is HOME WHO ?  WHO?  WHO?  Ahhhh My human buddy   I wagged and wagged my tail it was going in circles, AHHHHH  My family !!  Now I just need my other two humans HOME and Ahhhh Life will be doodly Doodleful!

OH MY there was a huge storm this morning that woke me up  I hope it gets to be sunny out later on Mom says it just might be a short walk because it is suppose to be rather sticky out and that is not good for me  Mr. FLUFFY GUY!

Hmmmmm I get my mid morning snack today and I get too see my Human today  ahhh Life is GOOD!

Have a wonderful  doodle day!  Doodle DAY!   Have a wonderful Doodle DAY On this wonderful Wednesday!


Love ya


this is my sad doodle look

this is my sad doodle look





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