Good Morning  Good Morning it is a very beautiful day    Good Morning  Good Morning

let’s go out and PLAY !! ! 

Yesterday Mom and I had a lot of fun we walked and met that puppy that always barks at me in the morning and I found out it’s Name okay get ready for this one  Wilma Yep  that is the name of the pup !  OH Doodles  I just smiled and tried to get to know her but,   the human had to hold her back, hmmmmmm Wilma  Wilma  Wilma, I tried to give her some secret doodle thoughts her way, but, . . . . Nah  her human was just holding her back, oh doodley well , that is okay.

But, . .  the wonderful doodle thing is that her owner yep has always wanted to give me a pet so he was able to yea  YEA   See us doodles are great aren’t we! ! !

I also got to help mom out in the flower garden yesterday morning after our walk, but that sun whoosh it was hot out ! So Mom sprinkled me with Water ha  ha  HA MOM thanks I loved it !

WE also went for a car ride ya , we were stuck at those silly lights and I just happend to look over at the car next to me and the driver was laughing at me ! “MOM”<  this guy is laughing at us, then mom started to giggle too, Well, it turns out the wind from the open window had my whiskers all up in the air ! ! ! !  Gheeeez !  On Friday we go to the groomer !

Ooo it’s suppose to get warm again ummmm yep we better go for our early walks again.OOO on Sunday when we were sitting by the Lake a women came up to our picinic table and Loved petting Maisy, hmmmm What about me So I had to do my fluffy tail and finally  FINALLY she came over ghhhhezzz whiz , she just likes Labs I guess, OKay  I guess I can’t always be first  to get petted !!  Oh Doodles  we have such a hard life!

To be petted and loved that is all we want to do and of course those treats especially apples hmmmmmm love those apples.

OOO Jack is gone for the day whinnn whinnnn so no extra food don’t tell mom that he gives me some  But, Mom said we will do something special today too!

Not sure but, Mom always has something special for me !


But  Mom told me that a neighbor girl has gone to school and that means  NO  NO  NO DOODLEY NO  I won’t say it  NOPE NOPE

Have a great doodle day



have a great sunny day

have a great sunny day


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