Happy Friday HAPPY HAPPY

Come on can you guess what day it is  Come ON I know you can !  I will give you a HINT  My Tail is waggin extra  wiggly today yep  YEP ! Because it is FRIDAY ! ! !

OOOPS I put that in the title didn’t I oh doodly well.  Mom and I had an awesome walk this morning, and as I was sniffing a tree , someone shouted out mom’s name Hmmmmm, oh my doodles it was my Human Sisters SS teacher from 7th grade, well, mom and her started to talk and talk we almost forgot that we were out here for our WALK WALK ,

There so after I tried to get something  MOM asks her to join us so she did, yea but, that meant not a lot of SNIFFING ON MY PART HUMPH ! ! ! !

But then we dropped her off at a corner and away we continued, hmmmm as we started to walk again  a Good Friend of MOM”s stopped to chat  oh my doodles where are my friends this morning, thats OK Mom deserves to have friends, LOL LOL

We started our day sort of late Mom was busy getting sutff done, oh well,

Hey yesterday afternoon  AFTER mom came back from going out to LUNCH < can you believe that she sometimes has a social life ????? Yea, well anyway she says lets go !

I quickly got by the garage door got in the van and AWAYYYY we went. hmmmmm don’t know where we are going but, wait  WAIT WAIT ! !  PetSmart OH My doodles I can’t believe it we have not been here in such a long time ! OH THANKS MOM !

So  rushed to the front of the car smiling and SMILING LETS GO LETS GO and we did, so we casually walk into the store and there is this little boy, well, his grandma asked him if he wanted to pet me, so of course I smiled and was waggin my tail then all of a sudden the little boy said NO  WHAT  WHAT! ! ! ! OH MY what did I just hear???? MOM ??? What’s up with that! ! The Grandma as surprised the little boy was looking at  MICE Hmmmmm MICE or petting a doodle, well, I just wasn’t going to let that HAPPEN< so I went up to him and SNIFFED HIM !  LOL LOL  He smiled OH BETTER whoosh Thought I had bad smelling whiskers or something !

Then we walked down a aisle where the bones were and a Big Boy about 10 asked to pet me Ahhhhh There that’s better !! Now I know that the little boy was just little, that’s ALL>

Today not so sure what the plan is I do know mom wants to take a calendar picture of me for the Doodles we will see maybe by the soccer field with my ball? Hmmmm sounds good !

Well gotta get my doodleness together for the day  !! Ohhhh MY human Brother Jack is coming home for a few weeks, oh yea I can hardly wait ! Mom keeps telling me too look out the window and I do but No Jack yet, hmmmm I think Mom is teasing me !

Have a great Doodle DAy

Love ya


I like to help my mom

I like to help my mom



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