I feel like . . . . .

Oops I did it again, I got into trouble AGAIN Yes I did it again, don’t no why???  But, I did it again!

I got into big  BIG  we are talking BIG trouble yesterday ! ! YEP OH DOODLEY YEP

See Mom left to go too Zumba so I thought why not go upstairs and check to see How Jack’s room is coming along, and for some doodle reason, I just went into MOm and Dad’s room and WAaa LA there is was sitting so nicely Dad’s wallet, hmmmmmm

I just am a curious guy u no and NO one was home What was I suppose to do??? It was like a big Naughty Doodle  Force was saying go on  Try it You know  You Want to taste that Leather WALLET Yep  and I did yummmm Pretty good and What???? Hmmm Green paper tooo hmmmmm this is very yummy.

Well Dad came home I was all smiles for Dad he goes upstairs  WILSON  WILSON ooops he found a mess,  yes Dad, I sheepishly looked at him and gave him my BEST DOODLE SMILE ! ! !  Oh Dad is not happy with me. Sorry Dad.

Mom comes home and I wag wag my fluffy tail I get a hug from her, better get that hug now before Dad tells her what I did.

Wilson Mom says, “why did you do that?”  I am sorry mom I didn’t mean to It’s  IT”S that Naughty Doodle force that comes from  That Comes from Somewhere inside of my doodle noodly brain !

Mom had to call that ER VET and  I Had to take some awful stuff with MILK  to make me get sick well it WORKED I was not happy !  So Now Mom has to keep an eye on me , and I heard her talking with Dad that I might have to go too the vet today too ! ! ! I feel fine, I ate drank , but just feel like laying around this morning,

Plus I can’t get a walk this morning because I am suppose t relax huh  ?????

OH well, and Mom said we were going to have a friend over to play today also, and that is canceled  SHucks Whnnnn Whinnnn Stupid Evil Doodle Force ! ! !

Well I am going to see if Mom needs any snuggling this morning, have a great

wonderful day   I don’t think I will be !  😦


I will feel very house bound today  NOT FAIR I SAY

Stupid Evil Doodle Force

Stupid Evil Doodle Force


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