Tuesday  Tuesday what can I say about Tuesday, It is going to be a great  GREAT day oh yea  Oh Yea ! !

Ooops yesterday I did it again Ooops OOOPS  Ooops I just could not HELP Myself the notebook was just sitting on top of the computer table  MOM was upstairs completely ignoring me ! ! ! Yea I bet you can’t believe that one can you!

Well she was and to top it off Her and Dad were going somewhere and I COULD NOT GO WITH   HUMPH  HUMPPPHHHHH and I no I would of liked it ! they went to a place where they could eat amongst animals FUN HUH???!!!!  And no doodle bag was brought HOME either, I think I need to remind them to bring stuff home for me !  I am just a dwindling down in my weight  I weight a fluffy 85#’s  yea I know it is healthier for me, but . . . . . . . .

oooo Mom was busy in the basement yesterday and I was a good doodle but. . . .  when she got done I went up to Jack’s room and looked around shhhhh! ! ! !   don’t tell MOM but, I did grab some paper from his room too !  Yummmm  You humans just don’t no how good paper tastes.  You have to try it !

Yesterday on our walk we met a really really cool DOG but this guy was HUGE  HUGE I was even a little bit afraid of him, and can you belive it MOM went over to PET ANOTHER PUP A HUGE PUP< and normally I am good with it and I go over to the owner to get a pet but. ,. , , Not this time   Ok OK I no you all want to no what kind of a dog  It was a HUGE HUGE ST BERNARND  and this guys weighs 200#’s  sheeez plus he was taller than me !

I just stood still I didn’t even want to greet him either, so not like me Mr. friendly Doodle Bug.

Also on Sunday Mom took me for a car ride and we kept driving and driving guess where we went. /??????? WE have not been there for such a long time either, we went to the Appleton Dog Park, oh man Did I have fun, yes  the furry paw came out !  The pup didn’t like it she told me right away  sheeez PUPS>

Oh well, hey I gotta get going Mom is anxious for our morning walk, so you all have a wonderful  WONDERFUL doodle day,  and Let the Sun Shine  Let the Sun Shine in ohh Yea Let the SUN SHINE TODAY !

Love ya


Mom, It's Time for our WALK ! ! !

Mom, It’s Time for our WALK ! ! !


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