I Love this day  oh yea  and the sun is out and it is warm and and and  just AND

Heeeee well, yesterday I had a great time, expect well we had a delivery guy come yesterday and MOM had to put me out side for a little bit  ONLY FOR AWHILE< I was woofing way too much at the guys, but, HEY I didn’t no who they were and MOM forgot to tell me also that We were having a delivery,  COME ON I am suppose to be the Protector of the house , how can I protect the house if MOM DOESN’T TELL ME THESE THINGS about delivery men and what ever!

So after those guys left Mom and I went out for a puppy latte’ yummmm delicious if I say so myself in fact I should just work there, I bet I can get more people in that Starbucks then they get NOW ! OH YEA  just great ideas I have.

We also went to the Park yesterday see I told you we would ! !  ha HA and when we got there a few other kids were there and then I went off to do my duty, hee hee , all of a sudden mom is like Wilson !  Wilson where r u ? Seriously Mom where do u think i am Gheeez  We are at the park the Wood Chip Hill is right over there by the trees, Ahhhhh I love to roll in that hill,  Mom likes me NOT too I get wayy to many chips in my doodle fluffy hair  lOL LOL

But I had fun and thats what counts !!!

Last night Bell asked to come over so I woofed back sure,  she asked her Humans and they let her run  right on over to my backyard Oh that Bell who would of thought she would be a fast runner but that Chicky Dog is.  WE had a great time, Mom did stop me trying to get those pine cones out of the Fire Pit, hmmmmm I think  today she is going to take them out, I think it is more fun for my furry paw to reach in. LOL LOL

Have a great day today

Love ya





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