Good Morning

Good Morning   Good Morning How do u do??? Good Morning  Good Morning It is a bright sunny day,   I hope !!!

Gheez yesterday mom and I did NOT go on our walk NOPE NOPE NOPE
She went to ZUMBA  yea yea  yea,  that’s okay  because she promised she would take me to the park right??!!!  Well,   we didn’t go until a little later in the afternoon, more of my friends are there, but as we were driving  drip  drip drip oh NO! Rain Drops are  falling on my car and just like a doodle I can get really wet, playing in the grass, running through the woods, so MOM and I just Waited and Waited those DARK CLOUDS were rolling in , All the pups started to leave the grounds   OH OH Nothing I could do, so  Mom and I just went HOME

Shucks, silly rain drops, But, today I hope to go too the park mom said we could but, it would be in the afternoon., But we did go to a farmers stand and got some stuff and the lady had Treats  oh yea  I told MOM that we should always go to that STAND !

When we got home I was able to go outside for a while but that rain, see I no I could handle those drops of rain its mom she just says I get too WET can you believe that HUMMMMPH !!

Oops I was sort of a naughty doodle in the morning, I carefully went upstairs while Mom didn’t see me, I went into my human Sister’s room, and well . . .. there was this envelope and well I could not read what was in it so I just took and started to Open it up!

Yep I did, well it was just sitting there and I as a Doodle am curious  MOM laughed sort of she just can’t be mad at me can you blame her,

I am a doodle a cuddly loveable doodle Heee Heeee

Also last night Mom and I took a long   LONG walk and we went past two of my favorite places  ZESTYS and DQ<  well . . .  Mom saw that I needed some water we stopped at Zesty’s and she tried to give me water, but  NO   NO NO   I want Ice Cream and you no what   ???? She didn’t bring any money with her  MOM ! !  So I had to try to mooch off of people and NO ONE TOOK THE BAIT FROM ME !  I even gave them my big  BROW EYE Look I whnnnn whnnnn NO ONE GHEEZ ! !  PEOPLE COME ON  I AM CUTE ! What is with People last night I will never no, but I blame MOM for not bring  MONEY<
So we went on with our walk then I saw the DQ that’s the place that DAD took me to. I tried my Doodley Bestest to get MOM there but she said NO  Wilson  NO ! HUMPH !

So instead of walking my fastest  I just walked slooooooooooooooooow AHHA Mom I said, if I can’t get what I want then GHEEZ  I will just walk slow.  I did but, it still didn’t get me any Ice Cream, But. . …  There is always today when we walk.

We walked like a gazillion miles last night I was  Pooped out Doodle too, even Mocha and Julia were outside yea sure I ran to say hi but that was all nothing else, gheeez I am blaming that on my Allergy meds and that long walk, but tonight it will be different.,

OOOps gotta get going on my morning walk ! Have a great doodle kind of a day.

Love ya


Let's go  Let's go

Let’s go Let’s go



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