Heee Heeee I just can’t help smilin this morning  La Ti Do, La Ti Doodle , La TI Doodle Dee Day, It is a great Wednesday  La Tiiiii DOODLE DEEE DAY ! ! !

OH Yea Wednesday, Wednesday, what to do on A Wednesday, We can Go for walk, we can talk and talk, but I prefer to go for a WALKKKKKK with my Mom with my MOM< we can walk, and walk  Walk and Walk we can also go for ICE CREAM  Yep today is an Ice Cream day with a little puppy latte around 2.  Yes Yes Doodles I have been a good boy,

Okay maybe not the best but. . . .  Dad leaves papers on the night stand and I just happened to go upstairs into my Humans bedrooms and WA LA there was the paper just asking for me to take it and EAT IT !! So . . .  I do what a doodle should do  I ATE IT!

Ooops should of waited until MOM was downstairs she says to me  whnnn whnnn whnn, oops she said WILSON  well she said DOWN NOW !  ooops I was in trouble big time, well not really but sort of !  See with MOM she always smiles after she uses her big HUMAN VOICE !

Also yesterday it was sooo much fun Mom and I played soccer and I helped her pull some weeds  , we took a walk and as we were going up the street I wanted to See my little pal Maisy I started to walk toward there driveway but,  no one HOME  😦   But. have no fear later in the evening mom was in the house and guess who knocked on our door !

Super MAISY yea Yea  Mrs. O just wanted to talk with MOM ,  I have a Super Doodle MOM , she new that I would be woofing WOOFING a lot, so we went into the backyard and Maisy and I PLayed we ran  and PLAYED and Had fun, ahhhh my little buddy I like my Maisy, we laid together on the grass ahhhhhh ! ! ! .   Maisy went to my MOM for a Pet  Hmmmmm well, then I will go to Maisy’s mom and I did heee heee our Mom’s they have pets and hugs for the both of us  ahhhhhh LIfe is SOOOO Doodly Good.

OOOO also My treat man was outside in the early morning during our walk and I spied him with my Doodle Eyes      Doodle eyes    Doodley Eyes, we can spy on you with our Doodley Eyes,  I even turned my head and wanted Mr. Treat Man to see me but, . . .   Mom said NO TREATS  to early in the MORNING what/??!!!! It was only 8:00 never too early for a treat in MY BOOKS  !   !  So we kept on walking  hmmmmnph NOT too sure even if he saw me   ! But. . . .  I bet he new I was near by . . . .    Mr. Treat Man don’t worry I will back !

OH gheez  I almost forgot to tell YOU !! ! !  Mom tried too make a video of me, its just not ready yet for viewing LOL LOL LOL

Have a doodley Wednesday today !

Love ya


I am sure it is a ICE CREAM DAY

I am sure it is a ICE CREAM DAY


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