Awe Man it is Monday and I must say it is a GLOOMY GLOOMY day too!

What a way to wake up in the morning I tell ya, dark clouds a little chill, come one This is JULY   JULY where it is suppose to be WARM  very Warm so warm that I get ICE CREAM

Hellloooooo I have not had any ICE CREAM for a few days and I need My ICE CREAM  MOM!  !MOM    ! ! !  ! Please can we get some ice CREAM very soon I feel like I am withering away without that cool Ice Cream down my throat, and I bet the People at Zesty’s are wondering where am I????? HUH  See I no these things,

Big deal that I gained a few pounds , Yea  I had too go to the Vet on Friday for my Allergies, and I was like YEA YEA  TREAT  TREAT so early in the morning, so I walked in with my tail waggin and a SMILE ON face I sat Right down on the SCALE ! ! ! Everyone SMILED AWE Wilson you are way too funny, They said  Hmmmmm If I smile BIGGER I can Get TWO Treats , so I did , and Yep  I got Two  ! ! !  Heee HEee I no how to get those women to give me two treats,

Ahhhh but,  I gained2 pounds which isn’t bad for having Ice Cream those weeks before and Mom told DAD  NO MORE CAN I GET A CHIP FROM you  hMMMPH! !  HMMPH plus I have to start my allergy meds again Yea it is early but. . . . I guess a lot of us pups are having allergies early this year.

OOO but on Friday I got to do lots and lots of errands with MOM we went to the bank, cleaners, drug store, and a place for bread and every place I got I got a TREAT !! ! !

expect for the Vegetable STand, and On Friday afternoon Mom and I took a short walk, Mom’s phone rang, Hello she said  Be right there, I was visiting Bell, and waaaa La  Mom says someone is in the drive way, my tail started to wag   Wag and WAG It was Aunt Judy, I gallopped all the way over to her  ! ! ! ! Yep Mom let my leash go,m ahhh it was so nice to see her ! ! ! !

On Saturday Mom went up to Door County and I had to stay home HUMMMMPH Not FAIR Again I have to stay home  Someday I think I will go somewhere and MOM will stay home! Oh Wait she has the car keys ooops forget that idea !! !

Well gotta get going on our morning walk !! I will tell ya more about my weekend later on!

Have an awesome doodle day ! Smile the sun will shine later you can bet your giggles on that ONE !!

Love ya


I was tiny 5 years ago

I was tiny 5 years ago



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