So yesterday Mom and I were finishing our morning walk and we were just strolling along as we were coming up our street, and WHAT?????!! ” OH MOM, those are the pups that always stop by our lawn ”  Hurry Hurry let’s meet them !

Mom laughed  she say’s it must be 9:15 and Yea it was see those pups always come by at 9:15 and I woof at them to say HI !! But , NOW it won’t be any fun because I no them and I meet them (you no how I am not saying) Woooo Woooooo but, maybe I still can get a woof woof WOOF at them, expect it just wont be the same because there human now knows my NAME !! and that human said she will say HI WILSON OH ghezzzzz !! !

I can I possibly woof at someone that I just met unless those noodles in my brain forgets about it ! ! lOL LOL  and besides mom and I will be leaving shortly anyway to do our morning walk !

And also last night Julia was in her back yard and my tail was getting a workout  ! oh yea but all of a sudden mom sees me moving the fence ooops Now mom knows that Julia and I have been sticking our noses at each other to say HI  ,  she laughed and promised Mr. F she would not say a word so shhhhhhhhh!

It’s not totaly loose just enough so we can say HI ! ! !

Today will be another great doodle day I can feel it in my tail just wanting to way away with my walk wiggling my butt. . . . . LOL LOL LOL

Ooooo Doodles Doodles we are so Dooodly Cute hee heeeee sure there are other pups that are cute too !! ! but we are extra extra  something else .

Have a great day everyone

Love ya


Here is day two of my growing up pictures

I still love to snuggle

I still love to snuggle


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