Monday Monday

Good Morning  Good Monday Morning ! !

Guess what I get to go on our walk this morning OOOO Doodlely dee I am as happy as a Doodle Can Be ! !  !  I will be walking and  walkin down the street trying to smell all kinds of neat stuff, grass, trees, telephone poles, maybe  some flowers oh yea Doodles It’s not hot out yet and mom says we can GO  !! ! ! NO humidity so my fluffy fur won’t curl so much either ! I am so excited I can’t hide it I want to go I want to go ON my WALK  !

OOo that mom was tricky one on Friday, she was upstairs doing stuff & I didn’t  bother to go up but I should of, she was packing her weekend bag hmmmmm. She comes down the stairs with the bag HUH!?!?!!? Where r we going???? Normally Mom tells me these things, but . . . . . nothing this time.

So I waited very patiently for My Doodle Mom to tell me (we are going somewhere )  and what????? Nothing okay  I can be patient  NOT Really ! ! ! So  since Mom left me for a full week there was only one thing I could think of doing, YEP  I PLOPPED MYSELF DOWN IN FRONT OF THE DOOR ! She has to take me where ever she is headed to !! I will Guard this door forever !

Well. . .. that really didn’t happen nope Dad came home for lunch mom said bye to him I got up wagging my tail I am ready to go MOM  let’s go and what happens she give me a big Doodle hug and says “Sorry Big Guy not this time” whinnnn Whinnnn I gave her my big brown sad eye look too .  I just stood there, and when I heard her leave I was so doodley upset I didn’t even look out the front window.  Dad says it’s you and I buddy for the weekend, sure we had fun but  MOM ????? MOM?????

Mom went to Chicago and she promised we can go with her next time !

I wagged my tail when she came home and went in circles too !!!  I love when my MOm is home !

I have to tell you a little doodle secret shhhhhhh Dad and I took a walk down by Zesty’s on Saturday night and got a little  very little cone and watch the sun come down a bit ! I like Bonding time with Dad,

Last night after my humans got eating dinner, Dad even let me lick his plate in front of MOM she just shook her head ! Ohhhh Doodles.

Well I better get moving for my walk have a awesome Doodle day

OOOO Guess what happened 5 years ago on July 27th  I will give you a hint in my daily picture.

Love ya


I like my home

I like my home


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