Good Morning

Ahhhh What a Lazy morning it is,  Mom and I are just hanging around this morning and doing absoutely nothing ! ! ! !

Not too sure if I the most doodling doodle can handle that !  Sure there will be bunnies to keep out of my yard and maybe a squirrel or two that like to go on that fence top to tease me, ahhhh Thursday I think I will like you!!!

Do you no what yesterday I was so confused yea can you believe that one? Mom of course is always home in the morning but, . . . . Hmmmmm Dad was too and I new it wasn’t Saturday because Mom was not making those delicious pancakes that she sometimes let me have a bit, . . …

So anyway there goes my doodley brains again!  Then I new something was different MOM went so fast in our walk,  no mandering yesterday then, I find out that Annabelle is coming over to play in the afternoon, hmmmmmm Do you no what?  They went to a baseball game and I Had to stay HOME ! ! !  Come on will some one invent a stadium where us Doods and Other pups can go to .

All we demand is fresh water a little A/C on a hot day and  play time while our humans are having fun in that hot hot HOT sun !! Heeee Heee Okay I guess Us pups will have to come up with a design.  We Can DO IT  Oh Yes we Can CAn Cann Yes we CAN!

Then Annabelle even had to feed  me dinner too, but,  . . . I was so happy when they came home that I didn’t mind, Mom played in the backyard with me I went around in circles when they came home I just didn’t no who to go too first. !

Mom even said that today we can play some more and take a evening walk.  Last night Bell came with us and we met Jeep along the way awesome night the kids were out ahhh Wednesday night was a great night !

Because I am having a lazy morning I get to watch more and more stuff going around in my neighborhood this morning.  Oooops Mom just said to stop woofing come on it is that squirrel that likes to harrass me !! !

Oh Well, hey have a GREAT THURSDAY !!!

Love ya


Lazy Day today !

Lazy Day today !



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