Good Morning,

Mom is wondering why I haven’t been waking her up lately well . . .  the reason is I am being lazy,  I no now that Mom is home for summer vacation and I no she will come down those stairs after Dad is down.   Earlier I just wanted to say HEY  GET UP MOM ! ! ! !

But .   . . .  now it’s okay because I no she will be home all day with me, and before I was worried that she had only a couple of days off ! !   But . ..  oh my doodles I have a lot of buts here today, I no she is going on vacation, . .. Yea  😦 she pulled out her suitcase the BIG one ooops where are we going?????

She told me that she is just leaving but , there is that but again LOL LOL  Dad will be here, MOm is going too spend time with Her Dad and Sister.  ahhhh what about ME???!?!?!?!?!?  So  have a plan and this is it  I am going to take some Magic Doodle drink and POOF  I will be transported to FL and with a wagging tail I will be waiting for them on the front porch.

Okay so Now all I have to do is figure out how to use the kitchen without mom knowing it hmmmmmm ! ! ! !

Guess what????  I went outside this morning and a huge HUGE branch cracked off part of my tree  !!  Hmmmmm I went to investigate this morning and hmmmmmm I don’t think I can pull it down with my furry paws, but . . .  Mom says we might try yanking it ! Yea  !

We went for our walk this morning, and Mom even brings a water bottle for me in case I get thirsty  I like walking early in the day ahhhhh I get first dibs on all the TREES ! !

Last night when we walked I started out slowly walking past Bells’ house and no one was home  Where has Bell Been???? Hmmmm I don’t even hear her outside either.   I think we will have to do some investigating today too ! ! !  ! !

Where oh Where has my friend gone  Oh Where oh Where can Bell be, we walked up the street to go and greet her but she was no where to be found  😦   Mom says Bell doesn’t like the heat so she doesn’t like to WALK  So when It gets cooler out Bell will join in on our walk,  Maybe oh Maybe  we can have play time tonight Oh wouldn’t that be fun, To have all our buddies run around  and Ice Cream when we are done  ! !

Mom and me have stuff to do today so you all have a great doodle day

Love ya


I just love this WEATHER

I just love this WEATHER


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