It’s Friday  Friday and guess what it is also the FIRST DAY OF SUMMER  !

Yippe Doodly Dee Still Lots of time for mom and ME ! ! ! Whoosh it  is good I thought maybe her vacation time was almost over,  Hee Heee nah just kidding !

Yesterday Mom and I took a very nice long walk, I think she made up from the day before, so I am no longer mad at mom,  well actually I never was I was just Being a Doodle Tease, we like to do that too our humans  tease them you know, well if we don’t then what fun is it in the day ??

And today well,  we are suppose to get some rain during our walk time, so we will wait, but not for long, well, maybe Mom has to go too the dentist today and I can tell you that I don’t think she wants to go. It will be ok I told Mom!

Hey doodle people last night, I called up Bell and she didn’t answer her phone so we walked over to see if she can walk or come and play, but, her human was not home so doodle sad over that one ! But, as mom and I walked we had fun I got to see a bunny and another pup walking there human, I think it was that flying pup I have seen before.

Last night I surprised Dad, he was cutting the backyard and Mom and I sneeked up to say HI DAD ! He smiled and gave me a pat on the head, I think he wanted to get that grass cut. Which is more fun playing with me or cutting that silly grass >  I say Playing with ME of course, but I had to wait and  stay on one side of the lawn but that was fine . Than WHAM the gate opens and who comes rushing over,

MOCHA  MOCHA my favorite friend, MOCHA MOCHA the one that likes to make me run, we chased and chased and chased , so I am a little tired this morning I didn’t even wake up Mom  with my furry face she was sad, but I said Mom I will give you hugs later on too make up for not waking you up!  That put a smile on her face !

Me and MOM

Me and MOM

So Mocha was on one side of the garden by the tree and me on the other side we just had a stare down then all of a sudden mom YELLS BUNNY ! ! ! ! ooo doodly boy we chased each other I even had to get a running start off from the deck! oh yea we were two galloping pups in the yard, what a fun play time just the two of us ! OH Doodles !

OH and I didn’t even try the furry paw, nah I will wait for another time !

I might even have to do the doodle romp today , because I feel like dancing  dancing today but I am sure it will be after that dentist time !

Have a great dooodly day !! ! !

Love ya



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