Were u wondering ?

HI were u wondering where I was yesterday???

Well,   Mom was gone for the day she was in Chicago, and Dad well, . . .  Dad just didn’t turn on the computer for me too type, HUMPH  HUMPH ! ! !  So I just had to wait until mom got home last night and tell her all about my adventures yesterday !

I have  a neighbor her name is Annabell and she came over to take me for a WALK in the morning, hmmmmm Now I no why Mom had me meet her on Friday, see Mom is going on vacation WITHOUT ME  YEA can you believe that ! ! !  ! But, I get to be with DAD  YEA !

So Anna is going to come and give me a walk, at first when she came to the door I didn’t no who was walking in then Popped open up the door and there she was, I was a waggin my tail then !  I got to go over to her house and everything, she has JEEP the BOXER , he was not sure of me at all, I think I scared him and I am younger then him too !  ! !  But a little bit bigger.

Anna asked her mom if I could stay all day long, and I even gave Mrs. M. my big brown EYES But, sadly nope I had to go home ! Hummmph . So there I was all afternoon by myself no Pets or hugs , sure when Dad came home I got some but, he had to leave for work after lunch, gheeez then there was rain, and I had NO one to snuggle with, MOM   Mom please where are you??

WaaaLA the door  opens up and ITS DAD again yea  Yea I went around in circles wagged my tail, and then who comes through the door  MOM  MOM MOM OH YEA  LIfe IS PERFECT NOW ! ! ! !  I wagged ,my giant fluffy tail, and went around in a lot of circles when I saw MOM and I got my HUGS and MY Pets, and MORE HUGS  AHHHHH< ! ! !

How will I get by when she is gone for a week???

I no Operation Get ME in a SUITCASE I just have to figure out HOW????

Hmmmmmm My brain will be working overtime !

Have a great doodley day  Mom and I will be walking very soon !

Love ya


Maybe I can take a boat to FL

Maybe I can take a boat to FL


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