Ahhhh visiting my Girlfriend

Summer Summer Summer  just three little words that I just LOVE  LOVE LOVE

Yep Yep I was a little  confused yesterday with Mom being home all day long hmmmmmmm. what is going on ! ! I still am slightly confused I still can’t believe that she is home all day long !! !  !

But, then she took me for a long walk well not too long but long enough ahhhhhh it is summer ! ! !  well almost anyway, and as we walked I just went up to someone and said hi ! That’s what I like to do ! Say HI

Well yesterday you no it was warm out right??? Well, in the afternoon Mom was on the deck enjoying the sun with me, she gets up and goes inside the house, so . . . .  I took a little walk all by myself to a neighbor’s house. .. . . Mom came outside called me hmmmm I could tell what she was thinking, where was I ?????

Wilson, Wilson, hmmmmm then she goes inside again silly MOM she didn’t see me,  I  was able to open the gate well not with my furry paws but with my nose, I went over to see Mocha ! Yep I went on to there Deck to see if she can play, and then Mrs. G came out and brought me back home,  MOM laughed when she heard what i did  !

Well tell me what’s so wrong with going over to see a neighbor??? HUH???? Nothing I think anyway.

Last night I also had fun, mom put me outside and guess what was in our grass???? A BUNNY yep and I almost got that Bunny rabbit he was by the fence and WAAAAA LA  I was carefully sneaking up on him mom must of saw the bunny and SHE SAID RUN BUNNY RUN ! ! ! ! HUH  MOM< come on let me catch that little fellow, but she didn’t but Me

Mr. Doodle the big hunter I sniffed the whole backyard to make sure the bunny was gone, TA DA   TA DA  I am the Great Bunny Sniffing Doodle .

Have a great day today  Love ya All


I will miss my friend Amy !

I will miss my friend Amy !



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