Waggin my Tail

It’s Monday Monday MONDAY  oh yea  and It’s going to be a good day  good day  GOOD DAY It’s a Monday and It’s going to be a GOOOOOD DAY

It was a doodle teriffic weekend and let me tell ya something I will be happy to nap all morning long while Mom is at work,!  ! OH Doodles  guess what today is MOM”S last day and now she will be off for her summer vacation !  Yep GOT my list already to go ! !

I will give her a day or two rest then Waaa LA right into action  doodle action that is Walks, treats, play dates, and maybe even swimming too ! Ahhhhh Summer time Summer time I like Summer time, Summer time Summer Time Gotta love that sunshine !

Friday Mom and I took our nice walk and asked for Belll, but . . . . gheeez not sure what is up with my girlfriend Bell, she just hasn’t been wanting to walk , oh well, I hope that during the day we can walk together next week.

Oh doodles gee whiz mom is such a tease again!  WE walked our Zesty Walk and went right past my favorite place and we didn’t get anything Man Doodles Man  come on Mom, I think from now on I will just have to have a doodle purse with me so I can buy something !

Saturday I had Dad and Mom both walk with me and we went a entirely different way, oh Gheez do u no what that does to us doodles when we go backwards, we just get all scrambled up hee heeeee .

We went on the trail and mom dropped the leash and I was able to run and run until some bikers came by and ooops sorry but I ran right to mom and dad now doodle worries. And when we came back mom put that mosquito stuff on me and we had a fire in our fire pit, it was such a great day Saturday.

Ahhhh what a weekend, now with mom going to be home its going to be the weekend everyday hee heeeee.

Sunday Mom and Dad and I played kick ball in the backyard and Mocha came by she was fun to play with. ooo ahhhhhh I like my doodle friends, and I just heard my Buddy Oscar who lived in the U.K.  is getting a puppy sister, hmmmmm do u think mom can convince Dad I need a little puppy sister. hee hee

Have an awesome doodle Monday and SMile a little SMile for me  Doodle Buddies.

Love ya


Here is my SMILE for you !

Here is my SMILE for you !


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